Everyone is Welcome!

In true Southern fashion, we want to make sure that EVERYONE is treated kindly and accommodated at our neurodiverse friendly vision therapy practice.

At Brighter Outlook Vision, we want to be as kind as possible to our patients and meet everyone where they are. We are a neurodiverse friendly vision therapy practice. Each human is unique in how we think, talk, and move. It is what makes us special and we are proud of that! 

There are several visual problems that go hand and hand with other diagnoses, like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Downs Syndrome, and more. The visual problem can make things harder, so we want to help alleviate that stress and improve lives. At Brighter Outlook Vision, we can help through a variety of means like specialty glasses or vision therapy. We start with a developmental vision exam to see where someone may need help, and then create a personalized program of care based on those needs.

Our staff is specially trained to help our neurodiverse community. We are friendly to everyone and have a no judgment zone. Things happen, we can move and adjust patiently.

We are committed to BEEing friendly to ALL persons.

Dr. Jesse Willingham and vision therapy patient

We want to provide the best southern hospitality to you and your family. Below we list some things we can do to accommodate our friends, but if you or your loved one needs something, please let us know and we will do our best.

  • Our office is usually open from 9:30am-6pm. If you know your child does better at a time not listed, let us know.
  • We have standard times for appointments, but if you think your family member may need longer, tell us when scheduling.
  • We sometimes have multiple patients, let us know if someone needs to be alone.
  • Cool down time can help. For our brain injury patients, therapy can be taxing. No need to rush out, take a break in a private room afterwards!
  • Visit our sensory friendly corner before, during, or after a session. In a private room, we have a soft rug and bean bag with a light projector and fidgets. Lets us know if you need to take a break.
  • We can adjust our surroundings: lights on or off, certain temperatures, sounds, etc.
  • If your family member is nonverbal or low verbal, let us know. Our doctor can still evaluate nonverbal patients.
  • We can prepare you for each step of the process so that we can explain the schedule and routine. Let us know if someone may need special visual aids.
  • We allow for breaks and pauses in direction if need be.
  • If you have a sensory friendly gadget, it is welcome at our office! We also have wobble chairs to help patients who need extra stimulation.

Optometric vision therapy is a program of progressive visual procedures, individualized to fit the needs and goals of each patient, and performed one-on-one with the doctor or doctor-supervised vision therapist. It is usually conducted once or twice weekly with supplemental home support activities between office visits. Throughout the doctor-led program, vision therapy teaches your brain to better communicate with your eyes to more efficiently navigate your world.

We appreciate the value of ALL people, but especially you 😉 Let us know how to best meet your family’s needs. 

Thank you to @justbeethechange for connecting with us for us to better help our community.

Our Branch Manager Posey walked us through what a first vision therapy session appointment would look like so that you can prepare for your first day and know what to expect! See the steps here.